Mitch Poole

Mitch Poole – PR
My bond started on 3 December 1981 when I went to see The Teardrops at Club Zoo. On came this cool looking support act, The Wild Swans, and I was blown away, smitten and captivated by the sound. There was a tangible feeling that I was present and witnessing something privileged and special which I can only liken to how it must have been to have seen the Beatles at Litherland Town Hall when they returned from Hamburg light years ahead of any other band. I have been a fan ever since. My dream and goal is to raise their profile and get Paul and The Wild Swans the recognition that has eluded them so far.

Russ Sanders

Russ Sanders – Website/Archives/Store
Well I’ve been a fan since the early ‘Teardrop’ days…. but that was a long, long time ago! So i’ll miss a few years …… I started listening to a band called ‘Skyray’ around 97-98 and found out that it was none other than Teardrop – WS – Care frontman Paul Simpson! How cool was that…. I was really hooked so after a while I produced a site called ‘Jet Stream’ all about the works of Mr Simpson, it was through the ‘Jet Stream’ site I got to meet Paul and I have produced a few more sites for Paul over the past few years! like Mitch I would like to see Paul take the world by storm…. well a mild breeze would do!