Well it seems it will be a busy time for Paul Simpson fans over the next few months!

These are items on the way to a store near you!

  • Paul Simpson’s long awaited book – Revolutionary Spirit (September)
  • Bringing Home The Ashes Reissue in Green Vinyl (April)
  • The Astral Girl 12″ EP for RSD 2023 (April)
  • The split Paul Simpson/Will Sergeant 7″ from Feral Child (Soon!)
  • The Teardrop Explodes CD/LP box sets on which Paul plays on the Band on the Wall gig from 1979 and also the Sleeping Gas Single! (June)

I don’t think i’ve missed anything, There will also be artwork for the new Ginnel project.

So a busy and expensive time….. Russ


P.S Is there other things in the pipeline….. Well hell yeah, but that would be telling!!

Bringing Home The Ashes -Green Vinyl