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(Music from) Thomas De Quincey in Everton –by Skyray.

In 2015, I had two ideas for theatre plays. One very nearly landed, the other didn’t quite take root. The latter was ‘De Quincey in Everton’, a two-hander concerning Thomas De Quincey, 19th century pot-head author of Confessions of an English Opium-Eater and his time living in Everton on Merseyside. I envisioned the play taking place in a fog-filled temporal anomaly, the text – a spoken exchange between two men living 180-years apart. Both high on different drugs, both laying prone, both thinking the other a hallucination. Mamma Mia it wasn’t. In preparation for the pitch, I recorded a 29-minute long ambient piece to underscore the reading.  This soporific recording has been lying dormant and unheard in my lap-top since then. All download monies will go toward the studio costs of the new Wild Swans album.
Paul Simpson – October 2019. X

1 review for Skyray – (Music-from) De Quincey In Everton – DOWNLOAD

  1. thirstypak (verified owner)

    Wahay – an early Xmas prezzie off Mr S.
    Not a review as such but came across this by accident by flicking through my favourites bar – assume this was announced on FB(account deleted long ago) judging by the thumbs up?
    Could you please communicate on Twitty too as I  have a limited presence thereon but still receive notifications.
    Anyhow downloaded and played in the chilly Autumnal ‘Summerhouse’ around midnight. Fell asleep to Paul’s(?) heavy breathing(with the loudness button on) and was awakened by the haunting viola from H Budd’s ‘The Photo of Santiago McKinn’ from the same playlist.Would like to hear the spoken word version if available?
    I’m sure there are other ditties on that hard drive of yours? I’m after the original demo of ‘My Town’ that greeted you on the long forgotten WS Myspace pages(sigh).I prefer it to the harpsichordy version on the album.
    Happy to contribute to a new WS album.
    Keep Digging X

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