The Coldest Winter For 100 Years and Incandescent Vinyl Launch with Paul Simpson at Rough Trade East. Friday October 4th 2013. 6:30-7:30pm
In the first weeks of Autumn 2012, after a short holiday in the tropics I fell ill with a fever. Somewhere in the jungles of Sri Lanka I picked up a virus that left me breathless, exhausted and plagued by migraines. Back in the UK, I underwent an interminable series of tests, first at my GPs, then at The School Of Tropical Medicine and eventually in the Infectious Diseases wing of the Royal Liverpool Hospital. 12 months and 32 blood tests later, my health is slightly improved but still hugely compromised. The reason I am telling you all this is that although the plan was (and still might be) to play acoustically with a few friends at the launch of the double vinyl editions, I cannot guarantee that there will be a live performance of songs. Depending on how my health is closer to the time, I’ll take an executive decision and let you know. What I can promise however are a couple of readings from my memoir. I’ll let you hear some unreleased Wild Swans and solo material, unveil some plans and collaborations for 2014 and of course there will be a record signing at the end. So, please join me on the 4th October and do feel free to bring along your tatty copies of The Revolutionary Spirit or Sleeping Gas etc to be signed.

Fold back wings to full extent. Paul. (September 3rd 2013).